PA SPREAD Slides and Webinars

Carlisle Health Care Alternatives PCMH Learning Collaborative

Pre-Work Webinar – “Welcome to the Collaborative”

PA SPREAD 2012-2013 Collaborative – Southcentral and Northwest PA

Learning Session I Materials

Welcome Slides - “Welcome and Learning Objectives”
Planned Care Slides - “Planned Care at Every Visit”
Process Redesign Slides - “Process Redesign”
Diabetes Slides - “Getting to Goal: Practice Tricks of the Trade & How to Achieve the ABCs”
Aim Statement Slides - “Review of the Aim Statement”
PDSA Slides - “More on PDSAs”
Next Step Slides - “Next Steps and Checklist”
Learning Session 1 Agenda
PDSA Worksheet

Learning Session 2 Materials
Welcome Slides – “Welcome and Learning Objectives”
Self Management Support – “Self Management Support, 5 A’s”
NCQA PCMH Standards – “NCQA Standards including ‘Must Pass’ Elements”
Next Steps Slides – “Next Steps and Checklist”
Learning Session 2 Agenda
My Personal Action Plan – Specific Action Plan with Confidence Measurement
Self Management Goals – Broad Self Management Goals with an Action Plan
Diabetes Report Card – Report Card with Measures and Action Plan

Learning Session 3 Materieals
Learning Session 3 Agenda
Welcome Slides - “Welcome and Learning Objectives”
Risk Stratification - “Risk Stratification Within Your Population”
Spread and Sustainability - “How to Spread and Sustain the Changes You Have Made”
Community Resources - “Resources in Your Community”
Closing & Next Steps - “Next Steps and Checklist”

• Webinar 1 Slides - “Developing an Aim Statement & Understanding Empanelment”
Webinar 2 Slides - “Data Collection & Diabetes Measures”
Webinar 3 Slides – “Implementing the Models to Improve Patient Care”

June Webinar – Guest Speaker Dr. Jorge Scheirer & PDSAs
July Webinar - Guest Speaker Mary Beth Brynes & PDSAs
August Webinar - PDSA discussion
September Webinar – Guest Speaker Cathleen Drozdiak & Clinical Inertia
October Webinar – Motivational Interviewing & PDSA discussion
November Webinar – Risk Stratification and Working with Specialists
December Webinar – PDSA Sharing
January Webinar - Provider Webinar – focus on ABC’s of Diabetes
February Webinar- Provider Webinar – focus on ABC’s of Diabetes…continuation

Webinar & Audio
February Webinar

Reporting Resources
PCMH-Assessment  - Baseline assessment for measuring ‘patient-centeredness’ in a practice
Data Reporting Form - Monthly reporting form *To be used with Office 2007 and newer
Data Reporting Form2 - Monthly reporting form *To be used with Office 2003
Measure Specifications - Detailed instructions on the PA SPREAD/Meaningful Use diabetes measures
Look Back & Due Dates -  Due dates for the monthly reports and a depiction of the rolling 12-month reporting periods
PDSA Worksheet - Worksheet template for PDSA reporting