Self-Management Tools

Diabetes Self-Management is one of the most influential tools in diabetes care.  Below you will find some examples of Diabetes Self-Management that are currently in use in practices around the area.

Advancing Diabetes Self Management – Diabetes Initiative, a program by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that provides program materials including self management resources.

Assessing Patient Readiness for Change & Making Treatment Options – 5 minute primer for practitioners worksheet

Assessment of Care for Chronic Conditions –  Worksheet developed by the MacColl Institute for Healthcare Innovation to assess care.

Diabetes 24/7 – Personal Health Record created by the American Diabetes Association that helps patients manage their diabetes and share their collection of information with their physician.

Diabetes Management Resources – University of Wisconsin Hospitals & Clinics Authority’s webpage with food and meal planning tools and diabetes resources.

The Diabetes Self-Management Assessment Report Tool (D-SMART) – tool used by providers to help assist the patients with tracking their behavior change for DSME.

My Diabetes Self-Management Goal Sheet – SMS sheet that provides goals on a weekly basis which includes an execution plan, measurement of confidence, and follow up plan

Facilitating Behavior Change – Guide on Readiness to Change and Motivational Interviewing by the American Society on Aging.

Goals for Patients with Diabetes – SMS sheet that provides guidelines established by the American Diabetes Association

Helping Patients Manage their Chronic Conditions – Guidebook created by the California Healthcare Foundation

Is Mealtime Insulin Right for You (Patient Tool)
Accurate Insulin Decision (AID) Committee 2013

Morisky 8-Item Medication Adherence Questionnaire – Questionnaire to assess patient medication adherence.

My Personal Goals – Available in English & Spanish. SMS sheet logging specific goals and specific plans on how to accomplish them

Patient Health Questionnaire ( PHQ-9) – Health questionnaire developed by Washington University.

Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-2) – Health questionnaire developed by Washington University in regards to depression.

Patient Motivation – Readiness to Change – Qualitative tool to assess whether the patient is ready to lose weight by the National Obesity Forum.

Patient Readiness Assessment -Worksheet to be completed by healthcare professional and the patient to assess readiness for change.

Patient Readiness Checklist – Tool to help asses Patient Readiness created by the American Medical AssociationPatient Self-Management Tool: My Personal Action Plan – SMS sheet logging a long-term goal, specific plan, barriers, confidence, and follow up plan

Readiness-to-Change Ruler – Tool used to assess a person’s willingness to change in regards to their present motivational state.

Starting Mealtime Insulin Action Plan
Accurate Insulin Decision (AID) Committee 2013

Starting Premixed Insulin
Accurate Insulin Decision (AID) Committee 2013

Setting Goals and Keeping Your Body Health
Accurate Insulin Decision (AID) Committee 2013

Summary of Diabetes Self-Care Activities – Summary published by Diabetes Care Journal