Primary Care Extension Service

The basis of the Primary Care Extension Service is defining what primary care physicians want and need to see during their PCMH transformation.


The Agency for healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has chosen only 4 states to lay the groundwork for a Primary Care Extension Service to spread the Medical Home model nationwide.  PA SPREAD will work to disseminate Pennsylvania’s model and lessons learned to New Jersey, New  York, and Vermont.  To date, only 5% of the nation’s 353,000 primary care physicians have been involved in a Medical Home initiative.

Environmental Scans are being conducted in each state, as well as Pennsylvania in order to identify key messengers to bring together necessary state-level multi-sector representatives to implement large scale primary care transformation. Physicians in Pennsylvania are participating in a state-wide survey that is aimed towards identifying what services a primary care physician needs during a practice transformation.

With a proven track record of 7 successful learning collaboratives including 640 providers and 152 practices that are predominantly small and medium-size with 88% achieving NCQA PCMH recognition within the first year; we have proven that we are able to work on payment reform and quality measures among 17 different payers across the Commonwealth.